Farewell Sermon

When all the tribes of Arabia accepted the call of truth and the Arab light was illuminated by Islam and a group of Muslims…..

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Battle of Hunayn

The Battle of Hunain, which took place immediately after the conquest of Makkah, was the first battle in the history of Islam…..

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Fatah Makkah

The emigration to Madinah was in accordance with the command of Allah Ta’ala and the unending series of hardships and sufferings…..


Battle of Trench

The third major battle of Muslims against the infidels of Makkah was Ghazwa Khandaq, which was fought in Shawwal 5 Hijri……

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Battle Of Badr

When the Muslims got tired of the atrocities of the infidels and left Makkah and migrated to Madinah and were living a peaceful life there….