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Battle Of Badr

Battle of Badr

(17 Ramadan 2 Hijri) 624

When the Muslims got tired of the atrocities of the infidels and left Makkah and migrated to Madinah and were living a peaceful life there, the infidels of Makkah could not bear this, so they planned to humiliate and harass the Muslims in Madinah as well. The infidels of Makkah wrote a letter to Abdullah bin Abi to capture the refuge of the Muslims and said that you have sheltered our enemies, so drive them out from there, otherwise we swear that we will attack Madinah. will give and destroy you all and take your women

The Jews conspired with Madinah

There were those who helped him inside Madinah, but there were also some tribes of Jews with whom the Mekkans conspired because the Jews were also enemies of Islam. So I sent a message to him saying that you should not think that you have left Makkah and come to Madinah, so now you are safe

Madinah pasture attack

After two years of Hijrah, on 16th Rabi al-Awwal 2 Hijri, a man named Zain Jabir attacked the pastures of Madinah and looted some of the Muslims’ animals

The incident of Saad bin Mu'adh

The leader of a Christian tribe of Madinah, Saad bin Mu’adh, once went to Makkah for Hajj. He was accompanied by a friend named Umayyah bin Khalaf, who was the leader of the infidels. Abu Jahl saw them together and said, “You If you were not with Umayyah bin Khalaf today, I would have killed you. In response, Saad said that if you even thought of attacking Madinah, your trade will be cut off from that country. There was a route to Syria which only passed through Madinah

Abu Sufyan's trade caravan

A Quraysh merchant caravan was returning from Syria with merchandise under the supervision of Abu Sufyan, when suddenly Abu Sufyan received a message from an informant that the Muslims of Medina were preparing to rob the caravan. He sent a message to Jahl to Makkah that the Muslims were preparing to rob our caravan, so you should come to our aid, so Abu Jahl took his army and marched towards Medina. From there, Abu Sufyan reached Makkah safely by sea. And Abu Jahl changed his mind and refused to return and decided to attack Medina

The infidels of Makkah reached the place of Badr

Abu Jahl with his army reached the place of Badr which is about 80 miles from Madinah and went there and captured all the important places from the point of view of war

Preparation of Muslims

When the Prophet (peace be upon him) received the news that the infidels had made full preparations to attack and had reached the battle ground, he (peace be upon him) gathered the Companions and ordered them to prepare. O Prophet of Allah, we will not leave you alone, but we will support you with life and wealth. So on 16th of Ramadan, 2 Hijri, the Muslims left for war and on reaching the battle site, they saw that the army of the infidels was too large for the Muslims. Three sins are greater than an army, and they have much more war equipment than the Muslims, so seeing all this, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) prayed to Allah: O Allah, these infidels are proud of their equipment and the size of their army. And they have come with pride. O Allah, help us so that these arrogant disbelievers cannot prove your prophet a liar. O Allah, You have promised me help, so fulfill it. O Allah, if these few Muslims of yours are defeated, then there will be no one left to take your name

War equipment and numbers

The infidels had 1000 soldiers, 700 camels, 300 horses and plenty of war weapons. While the Muslims had 313 soldiers, 70 camels, 2 horses, 8 swords and 6 cannons


On the morning of the 17th of Ramadan, he gave some advice to his companions and on the 17th of Ramadan 2 Hijri, the regular battle began

Individual combat

At first there was an individual fight, Utba, Shaiba and a person named Waleed came from the infidels side. Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Hamza and Hazrat Ubaydah came to fight on the side of the Muslims, the three infidels were killed and Hazrat Ubaydah was injured

Normal combat

When the general battle started, the two armies attacked each other. The love of Islam forgot the relationships. It was an unparalleled war in which father, son, brother and one relative faced another relative. In this battle. The Muslims showed great steadfastness, Allah’s help came and the two young children named Mu’awz and Mu’adh killed Abu Jahl. 70 leaders of the infidels of Makkah were killed and 70 were captured and 14 Muslims were martyred. Allah gave victory to Muslims in this war

The result was the Battle of Badr

The morale of the Muslims increased. This war is of great importance in the history of Islam. After this war, the Muslims were not only stateless refugees but became a living nation. The wealth that the Muslims got due to this war is called booty. Allah revealed a Surah of the Holy Qur’an called Anfal, in which the distribution of booty was told

Only peace

And Allah knows best

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