Prophet Muhammad Biography

Prophet Muhammad Biography

There is a difference in the birth date of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, but according to the popular saying, he was born on 22nd April 571 AD corresponding to 12th of Rabi al-Awwal Monday in a famous Arab family. His father’s name was Abdullah and mother’s name was Amina. His grandfather’s name was Abd al-Muttalib, at the time of his birth, many miracles happened, for example, the idol of Persia was extinguished.

Raised by Hazrat Halima Sadia

It was the custom of the Arab people that after the birth of a child, they used to send the newborn child to a village to breastfeed their child and to master the language of the village. I was sent, But Jibrael (peace be upon him) once came to him and washed his heart with Zamzam water and washed his heart with chalk. can be prepared for

Death of parents

His father passed away before he was born, but his mother also died at the age of six. Then he was brought up by his grandfather, Hazrat Abdul Muttalib, and when he was eight years old, he His grandfather also passed away, then his uncle Hazrat Abu Talib took the responsibility of raising him and he left no stone unturned in the upbringing of his nephew and trained him very well.

The mentality of Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ

He was very wise from his childhood. He never lied, never touched alcohol, never betrayed trust and never wronged anyone. The people of Makkah used to call him by the titles of Sadiq and Amin.

Marriage of Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ

When he reached the age of 25 years, he married a famous merchant woman of Makkah named Khadija. He went to Syria. Khadijah’s slave was also with him. He returned and narrated the incidents of trust. Hazrat Khadijah was very impressed and sent a message of marriage. Khadijah was 40 years old at that time. He accepted the message of marriage. He said and it was your uncle who got you married.

The gift of prophecy

He (PBUH) would often go to a cave called Hira, a few miles away from Makkah, for the purpose of worship in solitude. He (PBUH) would stay there for many days and engage in worship. According to him, while worshiping in the Cave of Hira, an angel named Gabriel greeted him and blessed him with the wealth of prophethood.

Inviting people to Islam

When you ﷺ received Prophethood, Allah said: O Prophet, call the people to My Oneness, so you ﷺ started preaching from your own family. went against him and called him a liar.

Cruelty for the sake of Islam

When the Prophet (peace be upon him) started the work of preaching, the people of Makkah were very cruel. They threw stones at them and sometimes they used to speak falsely, madly and abusively. He was imprisoned in a grove for three years until when he went to Taif to invite Islam, the stray boys of Taif pelted him with so many stones that his shoes became bloody. He came near and said that if the Prophet (peace be upon him) orders, then wipe out this entire settlement, but he was aware of the mercy of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that he still prayed for their well-being.


When the oppression of him (peace be upon him) ended, he (peace be upon him) continued to preach and preach. Then they planned to kill him, so at that time, by the order of Allah, he (peace be upon him) left his hometown Makkah and went to Madinah with his companions. decided to go and spent the remaining ten years of his life in Madinah and established a noble state which is known today as the State of Madinah.

The result of the invitation and propagation of Islam

In his 63-year life, he trained people in such a way that the same people who were thirsty for each other’s blood in the age of ignorance became those who sacrificed their lives for each other. He was not ready. He made him a great state in the world with people.

Only peace

And Allah knows best

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