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History of Arab

Historical And Geographical Conditions Of Arab

Literal Meaning Of Arab

Arabic literally means to communicate eloquently and eloquently Arabs were very proud of their language skills and eloquence and eloquence That is why they used to call themselves Arabs and other nations as Ajam (dumb).

Ancient History Of Arab

Arabia is a very ancient country with a very long history. A Greek traveler, Hiprodotus who visited the country before Jesus, described the conditions of the Arabs in detail Socrates’ disciples also mentioned it in their writings. But the real history is known from the Holy Quran that the Kaaba is located in the same place and the meeting of our father Adam and mother eva was also in the same place where Arafat field is now.

Modern Saudi Arab

Before Islam, the whole of Arabia was immersed in the darkness of ignorance and misguidance With the arrival of prophet Muhammad ﷺ, this Arab became the bearer of light and guidance Once this Arabia consisted of vast deserts and dry mountains and barren lands It was an abode of poverty and poverty Nomadism was the focus of simplicity and village life but Nature has enriched this desert region with deposits of mineral oil, gold and silver Today, Saudi Arabia is among the richest countries in the world Good roads, skyscrapers, high standard of living, abundance of all kinds of worldly comforts Educational institutions, factories are coming up Now there is no sign of poverty or poverty, especially Makkah and Madinah are two such holy and blessed places which have no competition on the whole earth Today’s Saudi Arabia hosts Muslims from around the world and provides political and financial support to many Islamic countries۔

Political Conditions Of Arab Before Islam

The period before the advent of Islam is called the Age of Ignorance The condition of the Arabs was extremely poor ۔Despite having great qualities like intelligence, eloquence, eloquence, bravery and eloquence, they sank into the quagmire of misguidance and ignorance.

Political Conditions

The whole of Arabia was in anarchy, chaos spread everywhere. The custom of using a stick of buffalo was common. There was no power that could pull the Arabs into a single thread. There was a period of irritation and jealousy between them. Enmity and hatred towards each other were so extreme that in each other’s skulls. They liked to drink alcohol. If a girl was born in someone’s house, they buried her alive because of hunger or shame. Women did not have a place of honor at all. They were thirsty for blood, and bloodshed was common. Alcoholism was common. Pride was felt in adultery. No empire brought in was prepared to rule over them because of their ignorance. The people were divided into tribes and were completely independent from each other. There was no permanent government. Each tribe had a chief who was called “Sheikh” and his orders were obeyed. Civil war was common and was a daily routine. The fight started with only two tribes and gradually the entire Arabs. It would have spread and many innocent lives would have been engulfed in this fire. Total 132 such civil wars are mentioned in the age of Jahiliyah. Then a ray of hope appeared and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was honored by Prophethood. And when the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) worked hard on them, these people, drowning in the darkness of ignorance, thirsting for each other’s blood, reached this world of each other and became sacrifices of their lives for each other.

Only peace

And Allah knows best

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